HR Consultancy

Consulmatrix focuses on providing technical expertise across all aspects of Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development.

We help large and small organizations establish, out-source and troubleshoot any and all essential Human Resource functions such as

Recruitment Solutions

  • Effective recruitment is more than just selection. The identification, attraction and assessment of talented staff is a significant and strategic issue for an organization currently facing all companies.

Talent acquisition

  • Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future labor needs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is our specialty.

Policy Development & Implementation

  • Whether you are in need of a full employee handbook or simply looking for a basic review of existing policies and procedures, we can help. Communicating your company values and expectations in a clear, consistent, legally-compliant manner is our forte!

Employee Relations & Performance Reviews

  • Mitigating risk when it comes to employee relations concerns is crucial. We will implement processes that increase employee satisfaction and productivity while minimizing your liability. Custom-designed KPI and structured reviews are available as well.

Training And Development/ Workshops

  • We customize a variety of Training and Workshop programs for both new and experienced staffs, managers and supervisors to help provide them with the education and resources to be successful. As a result, they will be more effective in their roles in meeting the company’s overall objectives for performance and profitability.

HR Audits

  • There are many different types of HR audits. Audits can be broad, incorporating how a business operates and reviewing efficiencies, or they can identify potential problems and lead to timely corrective measures. Whatever the need, we’ll streamline the process for you.

Safeguarding, SHE Policy And ILO Issues

  • We will guide you through a risk assessment, help you develop a plan of action (including talking points) and even sit with you while you deliver the news. Learn how to handle the toughest conversations, reduce anxiety and improve outcomes through the ILO issues

HSE, Compliance and Safety Issues for ISO

  • We will guide you through national and international consultants on the issues for smooth running of the factory, industry and organization.

Certification/ Certificate Programme

  • We have affiliated with different organizations for different certifications

Marketing Research and Campaigns


How We Do It?

ConsulMatrix views each talent search as unique – the optimal way of targeting the right person for a position will vary from role to role. We do not believe in relying solely upon advertising, because experience shows that good candidates normally do not expose themselves by applying against advertisements. In addition to sourcing potential candidates, ConsulMatrix has always had a strong capacity to assess candidate suitability.